Moving Beyond Perfection


Posted in Uncategorized by Kathy on July 13, 2009

Today my associate asked me, “Do you think it’s going to be a late night?” and I kind of responded with a laugh and said, “Oh I’ve already assumed it’s going to be a late night!” (I was warned midnight last week!) Anyway, so my logic is that I should just expect the worst when it comes to how late I stay at work, because then I will only be pleasantly surprised. I think most people would find this kind of pessimistic, but it works for me! And surely enough, tonight I was pleasantly surrpised and I got out at 9 pm! YAY!

It was also a wonderful day because I felt so energized all day long. I felt a little queasy in the morning, but never once was I sleepy. And just to think, last week I was completely depending on coffee…

But even this weekend, I had started to feel full of energy! (relative to before, at least) What was the change? I attribute it to this:



Yes, the famous green monster! I only started drinking it last week, and it has upped my energy a TON! I added Amazing Grass Superfood in it last week, but this morning it was simply almond milk, frozen banana chunks, lots of spinach, almond butter, and non-fat Stonyfield vanilla yogurt. So yummy and energizing! I’m never drinking coffee again! And my nails are actually starting to grow really nicely :) Impressive. Especially since my day starts at 6 am.

Then for breakfast, I had a delicious pancake I brought with me from home that I made the night before and heated up in the microwave. I don’t have a picture because I’m not going to take any pictures at work.. but imagine a big pancake smothered in almond butter and dipped in maple syrup :) Can you tell I like almond butter?!

I think starting the day with yummy food just makes my day. I love lunch and dinner too, but I think breakfast has definitely turned into my favorite meal of the day. I could eat it anytime!

In other news, Angela from Oh She Glows (I don’t know how to make hyperlinks?) led a really great discussion on exercising vs. overexercising today. There is quite a fine line there, and I do think it is similar to the fine line between healthy eating and “too healthy to the point of not healthy” eating. I don’t think anyone can judge if anyone else is overexercising or is not eating right though – you can seriously only judge yourself. Any in the end, it is more mental than anything. You will know when your thinking doesn’t seem healthy. When you start to doubt your thoughts, or start pretending that you are somewhere else when you are going to the gym, or just find yourself making up excuses and lies all the time for your actions, then that’s when you should ask yourself whether or not you should be concerned. When you start feeling like you need to justify your actions to others, sometimes it is really just you feeling like you need to justify to yourself. And that is a sign from your body that you are having doubts! In my opinion, that little voice in your head matters much more than the actual amount of exercise you do or the food that you eat. Quite frankly, every body is able to handle different amounts of exercise and need different amounts of fuel. But in the end, you know what’s right for yourself, so just listen to your gut feeling :)


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  1. specialkphd said, on July 14, 2009 at 11:48 am

    Oh! I wrote about Health Obsessions a few weeks ago, and today about TRUSTING yourself. You are too right. I am definitely going to follow your blog…
    If you are up for a giveaway and challenge, check mine out:

  2. Aw poor thing! Such a long day! It seems like you have such a great attitude though :-D I’ve jumped on the green monster wagon as well.

  3. Gena (Choosing Raw) said, on July 14, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    Hey girl! I wrote a comment about perfection just now. Hope you checkit out :)

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