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The end of the week, finally!

Posted in Uncategorized by Kathy on July 17, 2009

Ahhh thank goodness it is FRIDAY again!! This week went by pretty quickly, but everyday just felt so long. I have to admit, I had a little bit of an emotional breakdown earlier in the week. I felt like the work was endless, I never saw daylight, and I just began to doubt everything I was doing. On the other hand, I knew I enjoyed the type of work I was doing and that it would definitely, definitely benefit me in the long run. The hours, though, are a whole different story.. Fortunately, after speaking with several first year analysts and hearing about their adjustments to “real” full-time work, I realized that any job is going to be tough to adjust to. I mean, let’s face it- college is amazing. It’s flexible, it’s fun, and it is SO EASY compared to full-time work. I know I groan about work all school year long, but this internship just makes me appreciate how easy we have it at school. There is seriously no responsibility in college, and the only person you can dissappoint there is yourself. With work though, if you make a mistake, you can actually have an impact on others – whether it’s your manager’s reputation or the firm’s revenues. And that’s a scary thought. You’re being constantly evaluated and watched – there is really no time for yourself at all.

But when it comes down to it, at least I enjoy the work. Everytime I speak to my manager, I am in awe at how much knowledge he has of the industry he covers. I feel like I am a SPONGE just ready to soak up information! I find what I’m doing stimulating, and that’s better than great hours but a terrible job. My mom also believes that it’s better to start out with a tough job because then it prepares you for anything, and things can only get easier. I do agree with her, so I’m just going to see where this all takes me in the future! Plus, after reflecting a bit, I can’t really imagine myself doing any other type of work next year. I love the people, I love the firm, and the work seems to fit my skills set. But we’ll let fate run its course!

Anyway, I got out 6 pm today, which was just amazing compared to 10 pm.. 11 pm.. etc.. which was when I was getting out M-Th. I went home, had a brownie which I baked last weekend (was craving chocolate!) along with a small bowl of ice cream, and then hopped on over to the gym for a 45 min run. My run felt so good after sitting in a cubicle all week, and I was able to watch 2 and a half men, which is just hilarious! I also saw half an episode of Friends, which always makes me smile :)

For dinner, I made an egg scramble with spinach, laughing cow light garlic + herb cheese, and 2 Tomato basil pizza veggie burgers chopped up. It doesn’t look appetizing, but it was delicious!


And for dessert (ok, I admit it- I ate this first!), I made a Jenna-inspired banana fro yo (frozen banana chunks blended with just a touch of almond milk) topped with a big glob of almond butter for some healthy fats. I actually used to make this banana froyo (without the almond butter) all the time a few years ago way before I even started reading food blogs. I think I just accidentally “discovered” that if you try making a banana smoothie with too little milk, it turns into an ice-cream texture instead, but tastes like heaven! However, the addition of almond butter makes it even more heavenly! In the future, I want to try adding a touch of chocolate soy milk to make it chocolatey, or a kiwi or pineapple to make it more tropical.


Anyway, I’m exhausted but you won’t BELIEVE what I’m wearing right now and plan on sleeping in. Socks, pajama bottoms, and a long-sleeved shirt. It is steaming hot outside, but I’m wearing a TON of clothes because I am so scared of this mosquito in my room. I discovered it last night and after several frantic swats at it, it is still not dead! It bit me again at 4 am, and I was up for another hour trying to “catch” it. Well, that planned failed and I did not get enough sleep. I’m paranoid about this mosquito because I am highly allergic, and while most people’s mosquito bites go down after a day or two, mine just swell more and more! It can become the size of a baseball and the bites also become really, really hot!!! Like crazy hot. I guess my skin just reacts a lot more than others’ do. It sucks because mosquitoes have always loved me, and whenever I’m with other people with mosquitoes around, I’ll end up getting bit a ton and no one else will have gotten bitten! Needless to say, I am going to just wrap up myself from head to toe tonight and sleep with the air con blasting on high. Hopefully the cold air will also deter that evil little thing. Ugh, I just hate mosquitoes!!! If anyone has any suggestions on how to kill them, I would really appreciate that. I can be very violent when it comes to mosquitoes.Too bad my aim sucks and they can fly high where I can’t reach them.

Ah! Well I’m going to catch up on blogs + e-mails and then get some sleep! Cross your fingers for me that the mosquito just miraculously DIED. Goodnight all!


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  1. Lynn (The Actors Diet) said, on July 17, 2009 at 11:34 pm

    i hate mosquitos too. when i was in south africa i slept with a ton of repellant.

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