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A Good Monday

Posted in Uncategorized by Kathy on July 20, 2009

It’s amazing how a great weekend can make a Monday be so much better! A lot of my friends were in town this weekend, and it was just so lovely seeing everyone again. There were definitely lots of laughs, good eats, and good ole girl time. One of the girls in my sorority hosted a brunch yesterday for us, and it was just amazing. She baked all week long, and we enjoyed a delicious spread of strawberry banana bread, some type of chocolate swirl bread, a blueberry type bread, addictive chocolate chip cookies, macaroons, .. and the list goes on! She is going to be the next Martha Stewart :) I wish I took a picture, but I just wanted to enjoy and be in the moment.

Thinking back on it, it was SO nice to be able to enjoy things like small get – togethers again and spend my time with my friends, rather than thinking about what I was eating. Two years ago, the only thing that would’ve been in my mind would have been about the calories in the food. No matter how hard I would try to block out those negative thoughts, they were constantly there, preventing me from living the  moment. Yesterday, though, I was full of smiles, and had such a fun time with my girls! I even had a wonderful Monday, just because I had such a great weekend. I’ve decided that I am really NOT into the whole night-life scene in New York City- I much rather just spend time with my friends during the daytime in low-key environments – a lunch, or a movie on someone’s couch, or shopping.. coffee.. relaxing things. I tried out the night life here and what I found was that I’d be out until 4 – 5 am, my money would somehow just dissappear through the night (note: even if you can navigate your heels, if your friends can’t, you’re going to be cabbing everywhere and paying for part of it!) , random creepy guys would try to hit on me or dance with me, and in the end, I never even had much fun! It just isn’t worth my time OR money, in my opinion. I love dancing, but not if I have to constantly worry about creepy guys coming up behind me. I’d much rather spend a night in with some friends!

Anyway, here are some of my eats from today – only lunch and some snacks because I packed them to go and was able to take pictures of them before I got to work!

To start:

A lovely GM!


This was freaking amazing. I used frozen cantaloupe chunks and that made all the difference. It tasted crisp and sweet! I know a lot of bloggers have those amazing Vitamixes, but my ghetto blender can hardly handle a piece of ice, so freezing my fruit really helps a lot. It’s soft enough for my blender, but still gives me the icy texture I like in my smoothies. At work, I then had a packet of TJ’s instant maple & brown sugar oatmeal with a glob of almond butter. I think TJ’s instant oatmeal is the perfect amount of sweetness for me- I really dislike oatmeal that is too sweet!

Lunch & snacks:


Leftover chow mein- it was still delicious!


2 ginormous Pink Crisp apples. I LOVE these. They take forever to eat, which is great because then they last longer :)


And a huge container of watermelon! Now I KNOW you think this is just ordinary watermelon. But if you lugged a watermelon a mile from Whole Foods and up 6 flights of stairs along with 2 other canteloupes and chopped them all up into ziploc bags in a tiny little overheated kitchen, you would be pretty damn proud of the watermelon too. It was so juicy, sweet, and worth it!

I also had a delicious piece of leftover chocolate swirl bread that my friend graciously let me take home with me after the brunch. Yum!

Aside from food, something quite interesting happened to me this morning. I was getting ready for work and after applying my makeup and putting on my suit, I felt like something was missing. I couldn’t put my finger on it though so I just left for work. It wasn’t until noon that I realized I completely forgot to put on eye makeup! And I can’t believe I couldn’t even figure out what was missing! But it felt seriously so refreshing and nice to not wear eyeliner and mascara. It felt freeing! And quite honestly, I actually didn’t think I looked too terrible without it today! Maybe it’s the GM’s improving my complexion? Well, whatever it is, I think I’m going to continue not wearing eye makeup to work anymore. It’s so nice to be able to come home and not have to remove my eye makeup. Plus, we women really shouldn’t feel compelled to wear makeup all the time. We should be happy in our own skin! I know it’s something I still have to work on myself, but hey, baby steps right?

Before I forget, also check out Keri’s blog for a fun giveaway!!

Okay, now off to catch up on my blog reading and then bed! :) Have a great night everyone!

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  1. fearlessfabulousfulloflife said, on July 20, 2009 at 11:20 pm

    hello my sweet pea!!

    so glad that you had a good time with your friends and you were able to let loose and not worry about calories and all! its SOO freeing!!!!!

    i can understand why you wouldnt like the night life scene– i get sick of it as well! delicious eats! I LOVE HUGE APPLES! and watermelon is the perfect summer fruit!

    have a wonderful nigth xoxoxoxo

  2. Jenn@slim-shoppin said, on July 21, 2009 at 2:59 pm

    That’s great that you had so much fun with your friends over the weekend, it sounds like your friend put together a great brunch!

    I also like to freeze my fruit for smoothies, because in the morning the blender isn’t as loud as when there is ice in it!

    I still have yet to try a green monster!

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