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Humid Hong Kong

Posted in Uncategorized by Kathy on August 17, 2009

I’m up at 6 AM (actually since 5:30 AM) due to jet lag, but since the rest of my family regularly sleeps at 9:30PM and wakes up at 6 AM (for work & school) , my jet lag is really not that bad, after all! :)

Anyhow, here’s a view from our balcony window of Hong Kong. We live right by The Peak where all the tourists go for a view of the city, so we’re pretty high up. Can you guys tell how wet and humid it is? Maybe it’s just because I’m physically here.. but even the picture seems so humid and hot!! haha.


mmm.. home cooked food! Delish! It’s essentially a mishmash of green beens, seaweed salad, and.. a vegetable medley (?) over a heap of brown rice that’s hiding.


There isn’t really a name for the “vegetable medley”,  but it’s one of FAVORITE dishes. It’s really just a stir fry of potato slices, peppers, and carrot slices – add some salt and olive oil, and it’s amazing. Sometimes my mom also adds tofu slices (the extra firm kind) to this dish.


I also enjoyed some exotic fruit – dragonfruit! I LOVE dragonfruit. It’s like a better version of a kiwi when they are ripe :)



For the rest of the day, I also snacked on some leftover cheesecake and random things, but I’m a huge snacker so it would be almost fruitless to try and document everything that went into my mouth. Dinner was also amazing but by that time, my mind was drooping from jetlag (haha), so I unfortunately can’t share it with you all. But, it did involve some delicious fish, chicken, and more veggies :)

And a HUGE shout-out to Miss Caitlin for changing my life with Windows Live Writer!!

Have a wonderful night to everyone in the US! My day is just getting started, though it unfortunately involves a trip to the dentist :( Wish me luck on my wisdom teeth extractions! I’m so scared!

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  1. Lynn (The Actors Diet) said, on August 18, 2009 at 2:01 am

    i had so much dragon fruit when i was in se asia last year – good when ripe!

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